Tankless RO

Checklists are only helpful if you can cross things off. Continually monitoring your household appliances makes the satisfaction of shortening your list unlikely. Enter the Aquasential Tankless RO! It reviews your water quality and automatically checks for leaks so you don’t have to. Sounds like your to-do list just got shorter. Call Culligan of Fort McMurray today for more information. 780.791.0856

Micro markets

Skipping meals and snacks can leave your team and clients hangry. They simply don’t have time to leave for food. Compliment your Coffee break room, common area or lunch room with a mirco market.

 So, how do you help them power through the day? Our micro market provides the options they need in a customized retail space.

micro market is a custom designed vending market or mart with a self-checkout kiosk. Although micro markets may possess the general feel of a small convenience store, they are their own style of marketplace. They offer more products than a vending machine but less than a full grocery mart. A micro market is an unmanned retail space where individuals can purchase food and beverages. To use a micro market, your team member or client simply picks up the food or beverage they wish to purchase and then pays for the items at the intuitive, self-checkout kiosk.

Here is why you will love our different style markets;

  • Open 24/7 – always have access to snacks and food when it’s needed most
  • Variety – healthy snacks, drinks, fresh food, and sundries keeps everyone fueled
  • Totally Customized – high-quality fixtures that fit any space
  • Convenience – quick and easy self-checkout with no cashier needed
  • Rewards – loyalty programs that support healthy choices
  • Safety First – temperature-control on refrigerators keep guests safe

Contact us today for more information on our Coffee machines and micro markets.

780.791.0856, or email us at: salesteam@culliganfm.com

Office Coffee with Culligan

Sick of waiting line at the coffee shop or drive thru for that specialty coffee you love?

Well why not try one of Culligan’s many Keurig Coffee Machines. From whole bean quality coffee to your favorite K-cup, get great quality coffee in the comfort of your own home or office. We have Many programs available from purchase to rental options.

Don’t want to take care of the maintenance of the Machine? No problem let Culligan take care of it for you with our rental programs.

Please contact one of our Reps for more information.

Culligan Water Softner

Sick of seeing white spots on your glasses in the dishwasher? Sick of seeing calcium build up on your faucets and drains? Does your skin and hair feel rough coming out of the shower? These are all signs of hard water! Here at Culligan we pride ourselves in having the best in market water softeners! Our High Efficiency Softener comes with our Culligan Connect App, giving you a remote by-pass and shut-off while tracking your water usage and saving you up to 46% a year on your operating costs!

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Don’t enjoy the taste of tap water? Sick of carrying around 18 litre bottles? We have the ultimate solution here at Culligan with our Reverse Osmosis Systems. Our systems allow you to enjoy bottled water quality coming straight from your tap! We run your water through a series of up to 5 filters to ensure taste and quality. Plus you will be doing your part to help protect the environment!

Culligan Water - What Is a Tankless Reverse Osmosis System? Culligan's  Aquasential Tankless Reverse Osmosis System can help to provide better,  cleaner and healthier water for you and your family. Compact and

Water Treatment System

If you don’t have a water treatment system yet, here are some of the top reasons why you might want to invest in one. To learn more and find out which system is right for you, contact us at 780.791.0856 and speak to our Water Expert Specialist.

Flood Buzz Pro

Flood Buzz™ The simple (and inexpensive) solution to help you avoid costly water damage. There are no buttons to push, no programming to worry about, and no batteries to buy because Flood Buzz™ alarms already have batteries inside. Just place it and forget it. The Flood Buzz™ alarm will let you know if and when you have a leak. Flood Buzz™ alarms are reusable and simple to test by dipping the two bottom prongs in a bit of water or placing on a damp cloth. Dry the prongs off and your Flood Buzz™ alarm is ready to be used again. For best protection, replace your Flood Buzz™ alarm by the “Replace by” date on the alarmdB Level: up to 110

Prongs: To Ground

Alarms: Immediately

Size: 2-3/4″H x 1-7/8″Applications: Water heaters, Sink cabinets, Sump pumps, Laundry room, Hydronic heating, Window/door ledges, Toilets

Fall in LOVE with February!

February is upon us and aren’t we just LOVIN’ the weather Mother Nature has in store for us for the next week or so!! Instead of doing a Micron video for this months Newsletter, I thought it would be best to touch base on some Cold temp tips.

With all these frigid outside temps ahead of us, I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you some suggested tips for cold weather Hot tub Emergencies.

Again this is just “in the event” being proactive and having the proper tools in case of Emergency. Its no different then us all having a sump pump in our homes. A nice ‘back up’ plan.

Firstly we recommend to have a little mini ceramic heater or incandescent light bulb (100watt old school light bulb) if you can still find them.  

In the event you need to keep the pump area warm  (from freezing) you would take the front panel off and place the ceramic heater or light bulb in that area. Please note that you will not be able to completely clip the panel back into place as the electrical cord will be in the way. However you can prop it closed to help keep the heat in and it sheltered. Please see heater images below.

Please note that the Jet pack front light should always be on, if it is not this is an added indicator that your spa has no power.

The second tip we recommend to have on hand in the event of pump failure is a Submersible water heater. (like a cattle trough heater see image below) We highly recommend one with a thermostat. This will allow you to set it and heat to set temp and maintain it all on its own.

Again these are all precautionary steps to allow us time to help diagnose/asses your Spa and ensure that is does not freeze up.

February is no surprise to colder than average winter temps. Bullfrog spas with Culligan of Fort McMurray is offering a “FALL IN LOVE” Free Premium Cabinet upgrade in the A series spas. This promotion is on from now till Feb 14th!

With that being said I hope you found this information helpful and hope you all stay toasty warm during this cold snap.

Bullfrog spas and Hot tubs with Culligan of Fort McMurray