Hot water on demand units go hand in hand with Water Softeners

Do you have a hot water on demand unit? Or are you looking at getting one?

Please be mindful that hot water units need a Culligan Water softener system. They go hand in hand.

When hard water passes through a water heater, the calcium and mineral deposits build up a residue that prevents the water heating element from heating the water efficiently and the heater can then break. Check your Warranty, some hot water on demand units’ warranty is voided if you don’t have a water softener.

Bottom line: Culligan Water softeners help prevent mineral deposits making all your appliances and whole home work more efficiently.

When installing a Hot Water on Demand unit please take into consideration that you’ll need 1” gas line.

Top 10 Dealer Award

Culligan of Fort McMurray was thrilled to have received the TOP 10 DEALER award for 2018 this past weekend. There was no better way to be recognized in front of the other 600 Culligan dealers on the USS 41 Midway down in San Diego.

This Award could not have been attained without the dedication and hard work by everyone on our team. Every single one of our employees, are key players in the success of our business. We are pleased to have you all as part of our Culligan family.

20 years of Service Award

We are thrilled to have Scott Doyle receive his 20 years in service with CULLIGAN award at the San Diego CDANA convention this past weekend!! Your dedication, loyalty, knowledge, commitment, time and professionalism is appreciated and you truly are Best of the Best! Congratulations!!

Bullfrog Spas

Culligan of Fort McMurray is proud to be your LOCAL Bullfrog Spa dealer, with local technicians on hand. Bullfrog spas (Hot tubs) were awarded with the  “Best of Houzz award for 2019 in both design and service.” Check out the photo gallery on the Bullfrog Spa page below. For more info on the Bullfrog Spa Hot tub line check us out at our Culligan link:


Bottom Fed Water Coolers

Now there’s two Sharp looking bottom fed coolers. Digital touch screen, color display, and the best part, no more heavy lifting. The bottle simply slides under the cooler! No more waiting around for Ricky to help lift the bottle, no more spillage, just slide it under and your back in action. Have Culligan help set you up, in your home or office. Monthly rent, financing or buy it out right. Culligan of Fort McMurray can help you make it work within your budget. It is so important to give your body what it needs. Water! You could give your people Culligan Water.

St.Paddy’s Day!

Why drink “greenish” water when you dont have to. Take care of your body, clothes, appliances and everything that water touches. Our water is such a precious resource. You could give your People Culligan water. Culligan of Fort McMurray is just a phone call away or better yet schedule your free water analysis test through our website.

Death Wish

Take Your Coffee to the next level!

Some days just call for the most drastic burst of energy. Culligan of Fort McMurray just brought in this Specialty coffee. They have Death Wish Coffee available just for you. Death Wish Coffee is know to be the Worldest Strongest coffee by serving up the highest-caffeine content available. Just a misely 728 milligrams of caffeine per 12 oz serving. Say what!!!! This cup of coffee will result in a buzz that will blow other coffees out of their cups. Death Wish Coffee believes that they have the smoothest, freshest, more robust flavors. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. They even won a commercial spot on the Super Bowl!! Now that’s a high.  So stop on by the Culligan of Fort McMurray store to pick up your Death Wish Coffee in K cups or Whole Bean bag!

The smell of Coffee

Just the smell of Coffee can wake one up, even if your not a coffee drinker like me. I must say that I do enjoy the aromas of walking by a coffee shop or the smell of someone drinking a nice flavoured coffee. Culligan of Fort McMurray carries a wide selection of K cup Coffees, Coffee Pods, Hot Chocolate and Teas. I know some of you are thinking nothing beats my Starbucks, Timmies or McCafe, well your in luck! Culligan of Fort McMurray carries Starbucks, McCafe, Tim Hortons, Keurig, Tetley, Red Rose just to name a few. Culligan is also giving away a Free Tim Hortons basket (valued over $30) to anyone who purchases 2 or more K cup boxes. (while supplies last)

So swing on by our store to pick some of your favorite flavours or ask us to deliver it right to your door with your bottle water service. Now that’s what I call service!

Here are a couple cool facts about Coffee:

*Coffee beans are only called “beans” because of the resemblance-they’re actually berries.

*Globally people consume about 2.25 Billion cups of coffee everyday.

*Coffee stays warmer about 20% longer when you add cream. Hummm who would of thought that!

Reverse Osmosis is your EASY Button!

Reverse Osmosis with Culligan is what I like to call the ‘Easy button’

Literally by a push of a button, which reminds me of the Staples easy button, I can have filtered, cleaner, drinking water on demand. I love my ClearLink PRO by Culligan. I use it to fill kids water bottles, wash my fruits and vegetables. I fill my pots to cook with and my ice cubes are now clear. A really nice feature about the ClearLink Pro is that it is wireless. No holes to cut out on my counter top! whoop whoop!!!

You might be asking yourself what is a Culligan’s Reverse osmosis system. Culligan’s Reverse osmosis is a filtration system that removes pollutants from your water including nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria, chlorine and more.

It will improve the taste, odor and appearance of your water. And the Culligan RO systems has very little maintenance to it. For as little as $45 a month you could have unlimited access of RO water in your home. What a Total Game changer!