Not all water is created equally.

  Not all water is created equal, and neither are your water problems.   Notice any of the problems below? Find out what’s going on with your water, starting with a free in-home water test and consultation from your local Culligan experts.  
    If you have this symptom or condition,
you should test for …            
Corrosion of pipes = Corrosion, pH, lead            
Stained plumbing fixtures = Iron, copper, manganese            
White, chalky residue or soaps that don’t lather = Hard water            
Recurring gastrointestinal illness = Coliform bacteria            
Household plumbing containing lead = pH, lead, copper            
Gasoline odor = Volatile organic compounds            
Salty taste = Chloride, TDS, sodium            
Unpleasant taste or smell = Hydrogen sulfide,corrosion, nuisance bacteria    
 With such a wide array of factors that can impact your water, figuring out the right solution can feel overwhelming – but Culligan’s got you covered. From your free consultation through system installation and maintenance, we’re here for you every step of the way.
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