How Scale Build is dangerous

Why Scale Build Up is Dangerous?

Have you ever noticed spots on your glasses coming out of your dishwasher? Is there constantly a gross calcium build up around your faucets? These are signs of hard water. Hard water can cause many issues in your home for all your water using appliances including your dishwasher, washer, and hot water tank! In a hot water tank on hard you can accumulate up to 2 pounds of calcium per year, causing it to be 11% less efficient each year and bringing you closer and closer to having to replace the whole unit. Many hot water-on-demand units will not honor their warranty without a water softener hooked up to the unit. Protect your home with our all-new line-up of Culligan water softeners including our Culligan Smart High Efficiency softener, which gives you access to our Culligan connect app, giving you features such as a remote shut off, the ability to check your salt levels and the ability to track your water usage! Protecting your home has never been more efficient.