The New Reverse Osmosis System

New Smart Reverse Osmosis System.

Introducing our all-new Smart RO, the most efficient reverse osmosis system on the market. This system boasts full Wi-Fi connectivity via our Culligan connect app, giving you live feedback on the quality of your water, and optional dealer connectivity to diagnose any issue that may arise in the system remotely. Also includes leak sensors with automatic shut off to save you from any costly accidents. Not to mention the all-new sleek design that looks great under your sink or in your mechanical room.

Keurig Office Coffee

The Keurig bean to cup machines use a unique reverse French Press technology for superior coffee quality. With hoppers for whole beans and powder hoppers for milk, French vanilla, and chocolate powders, this allows the user a wide variety of up to 60 hot beverage combinations, it also simplifies the beverage selection process and offers the freshest cup of coffee possible, all ground and brewed to perfection in seconds. Great coffee for even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

They offer high-quality images on a user-friendly interactive touchscreen to easily identify and enhance the customer experience. These machines offer low maintenance and easy care for the user to always provide exceptional beverages.

If you think it couldn’t get any better this is a great Green Solution: Energy-saving options, no paper filter required, and coffee grounds are completely compostable!

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