Soft Water + No payments till 2024 + Free salt for a year

It all adds up to the perfect better-water formula for you and your home!
For a limited time, your local Culligan of Fort McMurray Water® experts are offering no payments till 2024 plus free salt for the first year when you purchase any Aquasential® High-Efficiency or Select Series™ Water Softener.*
That means:
No More Hard Water Problems – Protect water-using appliances while spending less on energy, detergent and cleaning supplies.
World’s Most Efficient** – Culligan water softeners use less water, energy and salt than the competition. Plus, they save you up to 46% on operating costs.
Salt Management Made Easy – Convenient salt delivery service means there’s no need to remember to buy salt or lug heavy bags from the store.
You’ll love having better water in your home. Just make sure you take advantage of this special offer before it expires on April 15. Call Culligan of Fort McMurray today at 780.791.0856

Touchdown for your Home!

Are you ready for Superbowl Sunday? Make sure you’re stocked up on snacks and drinks! With a Culligan of Fort McMurray Water Softener, you can have the perfect beverage for every touchdown. Our Water Softening Systems are designed to reduce hard water minerals that can cause scale build-up on appliances, spots on dishes and glassware, and dry skin and hair. Enjoy crisp, clean water for the big game and beyond with a Culligan Water Softener!

Game changer

Are you ready for the Big Game? Get ready with a Culligan Reverse Osmosis Unit! Enjoy crisp, clean-tasting water to stay hydrated while cheering on your team. Reverse osmosis removes impurities, leaving you with water that tastes great, while avoiding the need to buy and store plastic water bottles. With a Culligan Reverse Osmosis Unit, you’ll have all the water you need to keep you and your family hydrated during the big game and beyond. For a limited time, get a free installation with your purchase. Don’t miss out – get your Culligan Reverse Osmosis Unit today!

Big Cup for Big Game

Are you ready for the big game? Then you need to be ready with the best coffee! Get your hands on Culligan of Fort McMurray’s Coffee and be sure to have the best cup of joe in the house this Sunday. With a blend of smooth and bold flavors, Culligan Coffee will be the perfect companion to your Super Bowl Sunday!

Bottomless Cooler

Labor, fuel and record-setting plastic price increases have started impacting those who rely on bottled water. Don’t get trapped watching your costs climb in 2023-go bottomless! Call your local water experts at Culligan of Fort McMurray today to discuss all your water options. 780.791.0856