Fall in LOVE with February!

February is upon us and aren’t we just LOVIN’ the weather Mother Nature has in store for us for the next week or so!! Instead of doing a Micron video for this months Newsletter, I thought it would be best to touch base on some Cold temp tips.

With all these frigid outside temps ahead of us, I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you some suggested tips for cold weather Hot tub Emergencies.

Again this is just “in the event” being proactive and having the proper tools in case of Emergency. Its no different then us all having a sump pump in our homes. A nice ‘back up’ plan.

Firstly we recommend to have a little mini ceramic heater or incandescent light bulb (100watt old school light bulb) if you can still find them.  

In the event you need to keep the pump area warm  (from freezing) you would take the front panel off and place the ceramic heater or light bulb in that area. Please note that you will not be able to completely clip the panel back into place as the electrical cord will be in the way. However you can prop it closed to help keep the heat in and it sheltered. Please see heater images below.

Please note that the Jet pack front light should always be on, if it is not this is an added indicator that your spa has no power.

The second tip we recommend to have on hand in the event of pump failure is a Submersible water heater. (like a cattle trough heater see image below) We highly recommend one with a thermostat. This will allow you to set it and heat to set temp and maintain it all on its own.

Again these are all precautionary steps to allow us time to help diagnose/asses your Spa and ensure that is does not freeze up.

February is no surprise to colder than average winter temps. Bullfrog spas with Culligan of Fort McMurray is offering a “FALL IN LOVE” Free Premium Cabinet upgrade in the A series spas. This promotion is on from now till Feb 14th!

With that being said I hope you found this information helpful and hope you all stay toasty warm during this cold snap.

Bullfrog spas and Hot tubs with Culligan of Fort McMurray