Ice Ice Baby!

It’s a throw back Thursday kinda day!!! “Ice Ice Baby!”

The outside temperatures are rising and the camping and backyard bbq’s are kickin’ it up. So why not stock those coolers and drinking cups with quality Culligan ice cubes. Culligan of Fort Mcmurray stocks 3kg and 12kg bags of ice for your convenience. Have you ever wondered why your ice cubes never come out clear? If the ice you make at home appears to be cloudy, it could have something to do with the minerals in your water. You may have a better chance at making clearer ice cubes if you have a Culligan filtered water system. Here are some benefits of having clear ice cubes:

Benefit # 1
Your ice cubes can last LONGER.
Clearer, bigger ice cubes may be able to last up to 5 times longer than your typical ice cubes made from unfiltered water.

Benefit # 2
They can make your drink taste better.
If you have a clear ice cube, that lasts longer, your drink may taste better due to the lesser chance of it being “watered down.”

Benefit # 3
Your water is safer.
Clearer ice cubes are typically made from filtered water. When you have filtered water, your water is typically cleaner and the dirt, silt, clay and other possible sediments have been removed from it.

Benefit # 4
Better presentation
If you are throwing a party and having guests over, you can impress them with your clearer, bigger ice cubes. They may appreciate the extra effort you have made and the clearer ice cubes can make your drinks look more pleasing.

Benefit # 5
Fun for kids.
Your children may find the clearer ice cubes fascinating. They may even want to help you make them. This can be a fun activity for you to share with them, which you can try after you have filtered water in your home.