Winter Maintenance on Your hot tub

Keep Your Spa Sparkling Through Winter! ❄️ Winter’s chill shouldn’t ice over your hot tub plans. Whether you’re a seasonal soaker or a frosty dip devotee, your spa sanctuary needs year-round TLC. Check out our essential winter hot tub maintenance tips: ✅ Routine Checks: Keep an eye on your spa’s heartbeat, ensuring it hums along with the perfect water level. ✅ Snow-Free: Brush off snow and ice from your hot tub cover before you lift it for a warm winter escape. ✅ Chemical Balance: Even in the frosty weather, your spa’s chemistry needs to stay in check. Test and maintain, even if your dips are on pause. ✅ Frost Prevention: If your spa hits a snag, skip the drain! A snug space heater or bulb by the equipment and a thick blanket over the door can prevent an ice age within. Always make sure your side gate is accesible and opens freely. so that in the event we need to come by we can access your backyard. For long winter absences, peek at your owner’s manual for a step-by-step guide on winterizing (and waking up) your spa when the time is right. 🔧 Encounter a glitch? Don’t let the freeze set in! Reach out to us! We are here to help.

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