Well Water

It’s important to keep an eye on water quality in your home, especially if you have well water. Did you know that inorganic lawn fertilizers, failing septic systems, and agricultural runoff can cause nitrate contamination?*
Because nitrates are colorless, odorless and tasteless, the only way to detect them is through a home water test.* Fortunately, your local Culligan Water® experts can get the job done and, if necessary, install our new Aquasential® Smart High Efficiency Nitrate Reduction Conditioner to address the problem.
PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATION  ​​​The Culligan Aquasential® Smart HE Nitrate Reduction Conditioner is the only whole-house nitrate reduction system available today that’s certified by the Water Quality Association.**
ALWAYS-ON WI-FI CONNECTIVITY  ​​​​​When you connect your smart system to our Culligan Connect App, you can get alerts and manage your conditioner anytime, anywhere.
STRESS REDUCING OPTIONS  ​​​​​For added peace of mind, take advantage of the optional Salt Level Monitor, external leak-sensing technology, and remote monitoring by Culligan.

 Ready for cleaner, safer water and more peace of mind? Schedule a free consultation to get started. Call us at Culligan Fort McMurray 780.791.0856

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