Ready for softer, shinier hair?

All the hair-care products in the world won’t matter if you’re still washing your hair with hard water. And in the current economy – where a salon visit may feel like more of an indulgence than a necessity – bringing soft water to your home can help you keep up with your salon-quality haircare.

 Did you know …
 Hard water is not good for your hair. The high levels of magnesium and calcium cause mineral buildup that can make hair dry, dull and brittle.
 Your scalp will likely suffer, too. Hard water doesn’t play nice with the natural oils in your scalp, which can cause dryness and itchiness.
 Washing away the problem won’t work, either. The residue hard water leaves on your hair gets in the way of your ability to clean it – and hard water reduces the ability of soaps and shampoos to work up a good lather.

Fortunately, your local Culligan Water® experts are here to help! We’ll test your water’s hardness and recommend a softening system that’s perfect for you and your family. Get started by scheduling your free, in-home water quality test and consultation today and give yourself one more reason to be thankful this season.

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