Give DAD a break…

Hard water isn’t just an inconvenience. It causes problems that can be a drain on your time and money, from slower-flowing showers to more repairs and earlier replacements for your water-using appliances. Give Dad a break and take these fixes off his to-do list with a Culligan of Fort McMurray Aquasential Smart High Efficiency Water Softener.

*Culligan’s Smart HE softener is the worlds most efficient, * so Dad will know he’s getting the best. He’ll also appreciate: Hassel-Free operation, Smart Service and Cost savings.

Ready to experience the simplicity of soft water? Schedule your free consultation toady

– Happy Father’s Day from the Fort McMurray Culligan Family!

Time to Spring Clean your Water

Ready for better water?  SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATION     
Time to Spring Clean Your Water!
Scrubbing the floors. Organizing the closets. Getting rid of the clutter. At Culligan Water®, we believe a good spring cleaning also means ensuring you don’t have water that smells funny, tastes bad, or leaves spots or unsightly mineral buildup on dishes, faucets and showers. Our free, in-home water consultation can help you upgrade to:


Cleaner Water for Drinking & Cooking
Culligan Smart Reverse Osmosis Systems offer unlimited filtered water right from the tap – and they’re certified to reduce 12x more contaminants than the leading standard filter pitcher.*  

Cleaner Water for a Cleaner Home
Culligan High Efficiency Water Softening Systems leave you with soft, silky water that reduces ugly buildup on faucets and showers and leads to sparkling bathroom fixtures and dishes

A Cleaner Earth
Culligan drinking water filtration systems help eliminate waste from 15 billion single-use plastic bottles a year.   Whether you’re entertaining guests over drinks, cooking for the family, or trying to keep your home sparkling clean, taking steps to improve your water means taking care of your loved ones. Ready for spring cleaning? So are we!    SCHEDULE YOUR FREE WATER CONSULTATION   
Your Local Fort McMurray Culligan Team
  *Aquasential RO and Smart RO when configured with post-filter and Total Defense cartridge. Contaminants may not be present in your water.

Spring into YMM’s Trade show May5-7th

Spring into the Trade show May 5-7th but don’t walk, run!

Culligan Bullfrog Spas and hot tubs are having a sale on their in stock 2022 Bullfrog Hot tubs.

They are making room in the showroom for the 2023 models and need your help.

If you know of anyone in the market for a hot tub send them our way and if you are a Bullfrog owner, remember there are Referral program; CASH back in your pocket for any positive referral!!

With Spring season upon us, remember when doing a Drain and fill that we recommend you add Spa Mineral Out (replaced FLUSH) to your spa water prior to draining. This will help remove any scale and calcium build up in the pipes of your hot tub. Culligan offers a Drain and fill service and don’t forget about our Spin touch analysis system, if your wanting some help with your water care.

Spring into new Water

Spring is the time of new beginnings. Why not start with your drinking water? Kick the single-serve plastic bottle habit and switch to convenient bottled water delivery service from Culligan Water.

Here’s one more cool idea: If you’d like to have virtually unlimited filtered water right from your kitchen sink, explore our reverse osmosis
drinking water filtration systems

We look forward to serving you soon!
Your Local Fort McMurray Culligan Water Team 

Hard Water Effects on Hair & Nails

Hard Water Effects on Hair, Skin and Nails

As a homeowner, you’ll find that the quality of water coming out of your faucets can be a major concern. Where you live plays a big part in the quality of your water. Water has to travel a long way to reach your home. Along its journey it may pass through regions with high concentrations of limescale, such as mountain ranges. Depending on your region and where your water comes from, the level of hardness in your water will vary. Hard water testing can help you identify the amount of undissolved minerals in your tap water. 

Although hard water is not harmful to your health overall, it can have a negative effect on your hair, skin and nails. Find out how having hard water in your home can impact your body and how a water softener can benefit you. Reach out to Culligan of Fort McMurray today and let one of local water experts help you.

Give me a Break, give me a Break Room!

Break rooms are becoming the place where employees find themselves with a place to relax and go to when they need a mental break, a place to go for a snack and a coffee break or even a place to complete their work and collaborate with others on their team. Break rooms provide Moral for your staff and who better to help you set it up the Culligan Of Fort McMurray. They have the resources to bring you the most updated equipment with touchless coffee and bottle coolers. Culligan of Fort McMurray can also bring you the Varity of coffee flavors and style of drinks so you and your team will feel your at a Barista!! The way your staff feel brings so much ore to the work space than you could imagine. Lets gets started. Call Culligan of Fort McMurray today 780.791.0856 for your new and or improved Break room.

Stress less with our Free Water Test

With so many causes for worry in your everyday life, water shouldn’t be one of them. At Culligan, we make it easy to give your family water you can feel good about. It’s time to test your water if you’re looking for …
Less Stress For You More than half of adults worry about the safety of their drinking water. If you’re concerned about what’s coming out of your taps, our free water quality test can put your mind at ease.
Less Wear and Tear on Your Home Choosing single-use bottled water might feel a little better than tap water, but do you really know it’s safer? And it doesn’t solve the problems hard water in the shower causes for your skin, hair, and home, either. 
You need a way to feel truly confident in your water, because real peace of mind means you can trust every drop. Ready for a little less stress in your life?

Soft Water + No payments till 2024 + Free salt for a year

It all adds up to the perfect better-water formula for you and your home!
For a limited time, your local Culligan of Fort McMurray Water® experts are offering no payments till 2024 plus free salt for the first year when you purchase any Aquasential® High-Efficiency or Select Series™ Water Softener.*
That means:
No More Hard Water Problems – Protect water-using appliances while spending less on energy, detergent and cleaning supplies.
World’s Most Efficient** – Culligan water softeners use less water, energy and salt than the competition. Plus, they save you up to 46% on operating costs.
Salt Management Made Easy – Convenient salt delivery service means there’s no need to remember to buy salt or lug heavy bags from the store.
You’ll love having better water in your home. Just make sure you take advantage of this special offer before it expires on April 15. Call Culligan of Fort McMurray today at 780.791.0856

Touchdown for your Home!

Are you ready for Superbowl Sunday? Make sure you’re stocked up on snacks and drinks! With a Culligan of Fort McMurray Water Softener, you can have the perfect beverage for every touchdown. Our Water Softening Systems are designed to reduce hard water minerals that can cause scale build-up on appliances, spots on dishes and glassware, and dry skin and hair. Enjoy crisp, clean water for the big game and beyond with a Culligan Water Softener!

Game changer

Are you ready for the Big Game? Get ready with a Culligan Reverse Osmosis Unit! Enjoy crisp, clean-tasting water to stay hydrated while cheering on your team. Reverse osmosis removes impurities, leaving you with water that tastes great, while avoiding the need to buy and store plastic water bottles. With a Culligan Reverse Osmosis Unit, you’ll have all the water you need to keep you and your family hydrated during the big game and beyond. For a limited time, get a free installation with your purchase. Don’t miss out – get your Culligan Reverse Osmosis Unit today!