Hard Water Effects on Hair & Nails

Hard Water Effects on Hair, Skin and Nails

As a homeowner, you’ll find that the quality of water coming out of your faucets can be a major concern. Where you live plays a big part in the quality of your water. Water has to travel a long way to reach your home. Along its journey it may pass through regions with high concentrations of limescale, such as mountain ranges. Depending on your region and where your water comes from, the level of hardness in your water will vary. Hard water testing can help you identify the amount of undissolved minerals in your tap water. 

Although hard water is not harmful to your health overall, it can have a negative effect on your hair, skin and nails. Find out how having hard water in your home can impact your body and how a water softener can benefit you. Reach out to Culligan of Fort McMurray today and let one of local water experts help you.

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