The smell of Coffee

Just the smell of Coffee can wake one up, even if your not a coffee drinker like me. I must say that I do enjoy the aromas of walking by a coffee shop or the smell of someone drinking a nice flavoured coffee. Culligan of Fort McMurray carries a wide selection of K cup Coffees, Coffee Pods, Hot Chocolate and Teas. I know some of you are thinking nothing beats my Starbucks, Timmies or McCafe, well your in luck! Culligan of Fort McMurray carries Starbucks, McCafe, Tim Hortons, Keurig, Tetley, Red Rose just to name a few. Culligan is also giving away a Free Tim Hortons basket (valued over $30) to anyone who purchases 2 or more K cup boxes. (while supplies last)

So swing on by our store to pick some of your favorite flavours or ask us to deliver it right to your door with your bottle water service. Now that’s what I call service!

Here are a couple cool facts about Coffee:

*Coffee beans are only called “beans” because of the resemblance-they’re actually berries.

*Globally people consume about 2.25 Billion cups of coffee everyday.

*Coffee stays warmer about 20% longer when you add cream. Hummm who would of thought that!

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