water softners reduce Monthly Energy Cost

Feeling overwhelmed with last months utility bill? Let Culligan of Fort McMurray help  you put money back into your pocket. How is this possible you ask? Well, I’m so glad you asked. When hard water goes through your household it creates a calcium buildup in your pipes and water heater reducing water pressure and makes your water heater work harder = your utility bill $$ goes up. There is a general mis understanding with Water softeners, people think that the Water Softeners will result in a higher utility cost year round. In fact a Culligan water softener cost no more then what you pay to power your alarm clock year round.  With an HE Water softener your small and large appliances will be protected and extend the life of the appliances for just over a $1 a day. Softened water will help make your washing machine last longer, use less detergent and your clothes will last longer. Your Dishwasher will thank-you by leaving you with spotless dishes. Oh and the best part of waking up is having Culligan Coffee in your cup! An RO system can give you just that for less then 50 cents a day, Contact your local Fort McMurray team for more information. Our team can also clean and get your coffee maker back up to snuff and Culligan of Fort McMurray can set you up with your coffee needs (Starbucks, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Newfoudland Screech and more flavors…)  Let Culligan of Fort McMurray simplify your to do list so you can spend more time on your personal well being and family!

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