The Bullfrog Spas Premium Water Care Package combines the unique benefits of three highly effective clean water systems.


With the Bullfrog Spas Enhanced Ozone System (EOS O 3 ™), FROG @ease, and the Wellspring Circulation Pump, you can enjoy your spa with a water care experience that minimizes the hassle of maintaining clean, healthy water.


What does this mean for you as a hot tub owner? With all three systems working in tandem, your spa water will require less addition of sanitizing agents and chemicals than ever before saving you time and money.

Fort McMurray spa water care services.

Bullfrog Spas provides 2 easy-to-use & highly effective water care systems

Enhanced Ozone System (EOS O3™)

WellSpring™ Circulation Pump

Enhanced Ozone System, EOS O3™

The EOS O3™ is a revolutionary water purification system that is up to twice as effective at oxidizing out impurities, without the negative effects of excess ozone gas.

This unique 3-part system generates as much as 2 times the amount of ozone as standard systems, charges spa water with O3 more effectively, sanitizes spa water better, and destructs nearly all the residual O3 gas.

EOS has been third-party validated to kill 99.9% of the microorganisms found in spas.

WellSpring™ Circulating Filtration Pump

Bullfrog Spas’ WellSpring Filtration Pump lets you filter your spa water without noise or high costs. This quiet and vibration-free circulation pump is more than 8 times as effective at filtering spa water than standard circulation pumps. The more times your water goes through the filter, the cleaner your water. Moving 35 gallons (130 liters) per minute, this pump can push every ounce of water through the dual filters many times per day.

Since the WellSpring Filtration Pump is more effective than the standard pump, it can do the job of keeping your water clean in significantly fewer operating hours. This leads to an average savings of 60% in filtration energy costs (6,060 gallons per kilowatt vs. 3,480 gallons per kilowatt).


Here are some quick tips and reminders for standard water care:

  • Rinse your filters monthly (under the tap or use a hose)
  • CLEAN your Filters using Micron solution every few months. Let the filters soak for 1 hour, use slightly less solution then the recommend amount to start.
  • Rinse, Rinse and Rinse in clean water one more time!!!
  • Completely let the filters dry out -to kill any remaining microbes, oils, and biofilm on the filters. (some members have purchased a secondary set of filters to give themselves time for this cleaning process and not have a time delay in using their spa)
  • Re-insert filters- if lots of suds appear, remove suds and re-rinse your filters.

Please ensure you are checking on your chemical levels every week and keeping them in the correct ranges. This will help manage your water care and keep your hot tub components from degradation.

When adding chemicals to your spa please ensure the cover lid is completely open for 20 mins. This will prevent your lid from coming in to contact with any off gases, discoloration and it will pro-long the coverlid longevity.

Culligan does offer a Complimentary Spin touch analysis to help with your water care. It will give a digital reading on multiple components that are in your water. Such as Phosphates, Iron, Hardness, Alkalinity, Ph and sanitization levels. Please come in with a sample of your spa water in a small mason jar or Tupperware container. This sample will need to be tested on the same day.

*If you are using your spa regularly pleased add a third filtration cycle to your spa as this will also help with your water care.

We also provide a Drain and Fill service for hot tubs. Culligan will come and empty your spa water into our empty totes and then with our Hot water totes, we will fill your spa. The cost to this service is $150+gst.

Fall Drain and Fill

Near the end of October, it is time to consider doing what would be your third or fourth drain and fill of the year. It is recommended to do a drain and fill of your Spa water 3-4 times a calendar year. Doing a drain and fill now is advantageous as this should take you to the month of January before you need your next drain and fill. January usually has a little window where the temperatures reach around -5 degrees Celsius.

If you're unfamiliar with doing a drain and fill please see the bottom of this page is where you will find “how to drain and fill” videos.

If draining and filling is not your thing then that’s okay, Culligan’s got you! Culligan offers a Drain and Fill service should you want us to do it for you. *Please note that we do ask for about a two week heads up to be able to schedule you in for this service. * Another key component when doing a Drain is a FLUSH (See system flushing below). Flush helps to do an internal cleanse of the components and lines of your Spa. Add Flush to the spa 1 hour before you start draining it. (Please read instructions) While you’re draining your spa, remove the Jet paks and give them a good wipe down especially the back side of them. Wipe the acrylic down, rinse out those blue filters and then you're ready to start filling. Remember that you need to wait till the water temp reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit before adding your puck floater or any other water chemicals to the Spa water. Add your Stain control, (read instruction) test your water and add sanitizer and water care product according to the water test.

Keeping your water levels in the correct range will help with its clarity, cleanliness, and comfort levels. Simply bring up a small sample of your hot tub water (same day sample) and one of our team members will be able to Spin touch it for you.

The advantage of coming to Culligan once a month for your complimentary Spin touch analysis, is this Report will give you right down to the tsp/tbsp what is needed to get you back in the right ‘ok range’ for hot tub chemical levels. It takes the guess work right out of it and creates a history of your samples, and it also includes a shopping list of the products needed if you don’t already have them.

Don’t have a few minutes to wait for the results, that’s okay, we can also email you your results!

What is a spa/puck floater?

The Hot Tub Bromine/Chlorine Floater is the easy way to “Assist” you in keeping your hot tub sanitizer at the correct level. The Floater is adjustable to provide the desired amount of exposure to your puck tablets to allow them to dissolve and provide the proper amount of sanitizer into the water. “Score”. On a 1500L spa, where the average usage is 3-4 bathing session a week, it is recommended to place about 4-5 pucks in your floater. These pucks after one week should be dissolved and a refill “New Game” is then needed. If your Sanitization levels are low, (you are headed into ‘overtime’) then add an additional puck to the original number of pucks used. If the pucks are not completely dissolved, (pull the goalie) then it is recommended to open the collar of the puck floater to allow more water to flow around the pucks to help dissolve them. This will help to obtain the desired level of sanitization. If your sanitization levels are too high, (whistle blown for too many players on the ice). Please reduce your weekly # of pucks in the floater.

The pucks are your main source of sanitization. Hence why the puck floater needs to stay in the spa 24/7 “No Penalties”. On a weekly basis you can add the granular sanitizer to raise the sanitizer level up to achieve your weekly super chlorination/shocking.

Enzymes and the importance of having them in your water care routine

Do you ever feel like sometimes the water may be making you a little bit itchy or give you bumps/a rash? It may because you are lacking some enzymes in your Spa water. What is the role of Enzymes in your spa water?? Hot Tub Enzymes are designed to target non-living organic matter (such as body oil and lotions) present in hot tub water and break them up into smaller molecules. These smaller molecules are then easier for sanitizing chemicals (chlorine or bromine) to break down and remove.

Benefits of using enzymes are:

  • Sanitizers (bromine or chlorine) work more effectively
  • Help keep water balanced
  • Reduce the amount of sanitizer
  • Reduce foamy water
  • Clearer water
  • Odour elimination
  • Remove “water line ring”

Bromine and Chlorine can cause a rash or irritation when they are inactive, Bromine can become inactive creating bromamides and Chlorine can become inactive or combined to create chloramines, these two substances are acidic and can irritate the skin also causing rashes and bumps. This process is due to a lack of oxidation which removes the inorganic materials out of the water. Enzymes can help remove organics in the water, they do not reactive bromine or chlorine, and they only have a limited life span in the water. Therefor weekly water care is needed.


This day and age are all about simplifying and making things easy. The Zorbie Sponge will do just that. The Zorbie's job is to help keep the water clean and clear by helping remove the floating contaminants in your water. Floating contaminants are things such as oils, from lotions, make up, hair care products, and your natural body oils. These contaminants will cause your water to go cloudy and can also cause unwanted odors and will require you to add more chemicals to the water. Which in turn we do not want to have to do. When you have the Zorbie floating in your hot tub water it will absorb the floating contaminants which will reduce the stress on your filters and the amount of chemicals needed in the spa to help keep it sparkling clear and odor free. The Zorbie will last 30-90 days (dependant on the amount of bathing sessions). Please do not Squeeze the Zorbie. The Zorbie cannot be washed, rinsed, or cleaned. You'll know when you need to replace the Zorbie when it starts to sink in the spa water.

Spa Filtration Cycles & Maintenance

Fall in Love with CLEAN water.

So how does the Filtration system work? Every hot tub uses a filter to remove particles, enzymes, and other debris in the water.

The suction type filter is the most common type of filter you will see used in hot tubs today. These systems are always mounted on the top for easy access. They are often much larger than the other type of filters and are much easier to maintain. However, you must perform regular maintenance on them for them to be effective. Therefore, we RINSE our filters once a month if not more. And why we also CLEAN them every 3-4 months in the Micron solution.

The filtration cycle circulates the water through your hot tub to remove any of the contaminates in the water. That, combined with the chemicals or other sanitizing agents you use in your hot tub, cleans the water so you can enjoy a nice soak that not only feels great, but is also safe. A filtration cycle is the period where water passes through your hot tub’s filter. The more water you can pump through the filtration system the cleaner it will be. We have heard from different partner sources that running your filtration cycle 24hrs a day will come with many benefits.

Now some of you may think this will increase the energy cost of running the spa. Well let me tell you that with the Bullfrog Spa Circulation pump, you will see very little increase as it is the equivalent to having one light bulb turned on in the house. How is this possible? Well let’s chat about the circulation pump.

A circulation pump differs from the main pump and the jets of your hot tub. It is a secondary pump that runs continuously to pump smaller amounts of water through the filtration system. These run even when your main pumps are not, and they are a great way to keep the water clean as the circ pump prevents standing water in your hot tub.

Your hot tub’s filtration system is your main defense against bacteria and other debris that could foul the water of your hot tub. That’s why it is so important to keep it maintained.

Now because we live in northern Alberta and our winters are not your typical winters. Yes, we can have Extreme Cold conditions during this time!! The Bullfrog Spa factory has recently recommended spas that have a circ pump to run the filtration cycles 24hrs during the months of November-March. The circ pump will create some heat and help maintain the cabinet temperature and with the water constantly moving and being cleaned, it will also ensure the water does not freeze in the pipes.

The result is that you don’t want to be bathing in dirty, cloudy water, do you?

While the system itself is rather simple, it is, in many ways the main arteries of your system. Without it, your hot tub simply isn’t safe to use.


Here are some suggested tips for cold weather
hot tub emergencies:

Firstly, we recommend having a little mini ceramic heater or incandescent light bulb (100watt old school light bulb) if you can still find them.

In the event you need to keep the pump area warm (from freezing) you would take the front panel off and place the ceramic heater or light bulb in that area.

**Please note that you will not be able to completely clip the panel back into place as the electrical cord will be in the way. you can prop it closed to help keep the heat in and it sheltered. Please see heater images below. **

The Jet pack front light should always be on, if it is not this is an added indicator that your spa has no power.

The second tip we recommend having on hand in the event of pump failure is a Submersible water heater. (like a cattle trough heater see image below) We highly recommend one with a thermostat. This will allow you to set it and heat to set temp and maintain it all on its own.

These are all precautionary steps to allow a Technician time to help diagnose/asses your Spa and ensure that is does not freeze up.


As a general best practice, you should flush your spa lines whenever you change
your water.

Before draining your hot tub, add some Flush to your ‘probably cloudy’ spa water. Start by removing your pillow tops and filters. Turn your pumps on and allow it to circulate for 1 hour. Always read the instructions before hand for the right dose and amounts. You will most likely see some foaming while the flush circulates. This is normal. It is just all the biofilm and other gunk coming out of the plumbing.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should use Flush before you drain the hot tub. Adding Flush to your draining process will also help to address any biofilm problems that could occur, it will help remove any scale and calcium accumulation in the plumbing lines which will help maintain your heater and pumps.

It is important that we care for the inner parts of the spa that also encounters your
spa water.


A sequestering agent naturally prevents staining, and water colouration from metals in the spa water from sticking to the Acrylic.

Keep the pH and alkalinity within range to avoid iron, calcium or any other minerals to precipitate (fall out of) solution. Using Stain Control will force the particles/metals/minerals found in water not to bind to the surface of your acrylic, pipes or equipment (pumps, jets, heater). It will force those particles to bind to your filters instead. Another reason why we rinse and clean our filters on a regular basis. The Stain & Control product should be added on a new fill and on a weekly basis.

You can immediately use your spa after adding this solution. Its natural and biodegradable formula does not add Phosphates to your water.


On several occasions we have been asked if it is okay to put softened water in the hot tub to acquire the soft feel of water on the skin. We DO NOT recommend adding softened water as it can cause excessive foaming and may leech the minerals from the acrylic in the hot tub. What you can do, to achieve the SILKY SOFT SKIN feel is add

pa Sensation provides a relaxing, pleasantly scented environment and is a water softening conditioner that helps improve bathing comfort. It also helps prevent PH drift of the spa water and optimizes sanitizers efficiency. In addition, it also protects your surfaces from corrosion.

Simply add on a weekly basis to your skimmer or sprinkle while pumps are running.


When doing your own Drain and Fill it is important to bring the sanitizing levels (Chlorine/Bromine) down to around 1pm or lower. This will help prevent any damage to your grass, flower beds and to the environment. If you are Draining your Hot tub water to a drain/sump or to your weeping tiles, it is also important for the water care levels be as neutral as possible so that the water facility treatment plant can manage the water coming in.

So, lets help do our part with keeping our Environment healthy/safe by neutralizing our Spa water before draining it.


Combined 4 in 1 Concentrated Clarifier for spa. This bottle not only achieves what the Stain Control product purposes is, but it also contains the following product:

SPA CLEAR - Clarifies water
SUPER ENZYME - Eliminates organic waste
STAIN CONTROL - Eliminates metals
PHOSPHATE REM- Maintains phosphates

Take the guess work out of Water care and reduce the number of bottles needed for your Hot tub Watercare. Put a smile on your face with the Spa Clarita 4 in 1.

Spazazz Natural Spa & Bath Aromatherapy Crystals’

From Stress, to Detox, to Muscle Therapy and Joint pain the Spazazz can help reduce anxiety, inflammation, aches, and pains, swelling and stress.
These different Aromatherapies are SPA safe, oil free and will not damage equipment or change water care chemistry.

THE MIRACLE BOX (Spa Shok Ultra 2 in 1)

Yes it’s just as it sounds. The Miracle box is a great way to help you maintain your spa, Watercare wise. This Miracle box comes with 12 weekly pouches for you to simply add to your spa water, it’s like the ‘Easy Button’!

In each packet, there are several water care components to help with the overall care of your spa. Such as ‘Clear’ solution, ‘Control’, ‘Stain control’, ‘Sensation’ and more. This miracle box is a great way to help protect the acrylic, help you with your phosphate levels and help maintain your water.

You will still need to check on those sanitization levels but this weekly miracle pouch will help with maintain your Watercare. It’s simple and it performs.


What does clarifier do in a hot tub?

Hot tub clarifiers (Clear) are designed to do three things: clear up cloudy water, increase the performance of your filter, and keep the pH balance intact. Culligan carries the product ‘Clear’ should you want just the clarifier.

What are chloramines in hot tub?

Chloramines build up in a hot tub when it is improperly treated. They happen when chlorine/bromine combine with ammonia (perspiration, oils, and urine) that come into the hot tub with the bathers. When you test strip your spa water this is the reading/amount of what amount of Chlorine/Bromine (sanitizer) that is left in your spa water after it has done its job of cleaning the water.

How do you get rid of chloramines?

The most common method to reducing chloramines is by using super-chlorination. Super-chlorination is raising the free chlorine or bromine level in the water to a sufficient level to oxidize (“burn”) out all the chloramines. This is a step that should be done on a weekly basis. We also carry the Super Enzyme product which eliminates and prevents accumulation of oily substances, water marks, and chemical odours in your spa water.

Using the Miracle Box treatment system will help simplify your water care process. I highly recommend picking up a Miracle box. The Box currently retails for $58.00 and is like the easy button when it comes to water care maintenance. It has several different products already properly measured in each packet for you to simply add to the spa water so that you never miss a step. The Miracle box in conjunction with adding your required sanitizer on a weekly basis is the key to a SPARKLING SPA!

Enjoy a deep tissue massage with interchangeable JetPaks